• Image of Monster Mailbox 3" Vinyl Sticker
  • Image of Monster Mailbox 3" Vinyl Sticker

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My Grandma once told me a story when I was a kid about how she reached into her mailbox a long time ago and a black widow spider was in there and it jumped out and ran up and bit her on the arm and it supposedly hurt a bunch and I saw the gross purple scar and everything. This image of a bloodthirsty ravenous mailbox must have came to be by some subliminal fear from that story that messed with my brain, or maybe it has some other meaning or symbolism that eludes me, I don't really know, to be honest.

These 3" die-cut stickers are made of high-quality durable laminate vinyl that protects from scuffing, scratching, rain and sunlight. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Art by Jesse Van Sickle. Printed by our friends at www.URGrafix.com